”Luftens Helte is the party of the year everytime I hear them! It's impressive how the songs that has such a deep and personal place in the childhood of my generation becomes one big party! The meeting between the old known songs that everyone has been singing along to and the energy and new interpretations of Luftens Helte makes me and the rest of the audience overwhelmed every time - it's like seeing and hearing your memories for the first time!" 

- Niclas Lundgaard Bohnsen, 25 years old. 


Luftens Helte is a big Tribute band who is specialized in songs from the magical cartoon movies like "The Lion King", "Mulan", "Aristocats", "Hercules", "Tarzan" and many more. 

The band comes from Aarhus, Denmark and has played many sold-out concerts around the country. 

Luftens Helte contains a rhythmic section, a big horn- and string section and three lead singers who each represent the different known characters from the great classics. All those different instruments combined gives you the authentic sound you know from the beloved cartoon movies.  

Most of the songs are in English, but if you're lucky you'll also hear songs in your own mother tongue. 

A concert with Luftens Helte is not only a concert but a huge show, and a party like no other! 

Be our guest in a whole new world where music and magic meet! 

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Aarhus, Danmark 



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